Conveying equipment


Increasing the efficiency of operations directly depends on the degree of automation of inner processes and utilizing modern technology. SOCOM SAS supplies quality transportation equipment for the mining industry, such as belts, screw and scraper conveyors, as well as spare parts for them, as well as conveyor belts and a variety of lifting equipment.

Moving mined and processed ore at large distances is an important phase of operation in many sectors of modern industry. Increasing the efficiency of operations directly depends on a degree of automation implemented in various inner processes, as well as utilizing modern means of technology. The faster raw materials can be transported, the more efficient whole enterprise is, and higher are the profits. Modern transportation machinery and equipment are crucial in performing such tasks, and very often utilizing high-quality transportation equipment, as well as timely maintenance and supply of its components and expendable materials is a pivotal factor in optimizing production and reducing the cost of manufactured products.

Choosing the right transportation equipment is an important factor in ensuring high production efficiency, and SOCOM SAS is here to assist in this matter. Our deep expertise in the field, as well as product knowledge makes us a reliable supplier of various types of transportation equipment, highly efficient in your industry.

If you require competent consultation or supply of transportation equipment, you can send us an inquiry – experts from SOCOM SAS will soon get back to you to discuss the details.