Electric power equipment and industrial furnaces


SOCOM SAS supplies its clients with quality power, low-voltage and high-voltage electrical equipment, such as boilers, furnaces, generators, transformers, electric motors, lighting equipment, circuit breakers and starters, electrical cables, and other spare parts, components and expendable materials.

Various industries have different requirements for the design of their power supply lines, and timely delivery of necessary components is a key in ensuring the plant’s successful day-to-day operation.

Extensive product knowledge of specialists at SOCOM SAS makes it possible to supply all the necessary equipment to our clients in the shortest possible timeframe, whether it is a generator, heating boiler or a high-voltage power line. The wide variety of products which we supply makes it possible to meet very different requirements, and do this in the most time and cost efficient way possible.

If you are in need of high-quality power, high-voltage or low-voltage equipment for your plant or factory, or require timely supply of spare parts and components needed for operation of your existing power system, you can send us an inquiry – a specialist from SOCOM SAS will be happy to contact you to discuss the details.