Crushing, grinding and processing equipment


SOCOM SAS can supply quality crushing, grinding and processing equipment used in a variety of mining industries. We supply our clients with crushers, mills, screens, separators, hydrocyclones and other types of equipment, as well as spare parts, components and expendables required for their operation.

Efficient and reliable crushing, grinding and processing equipment is one of the most important factors in maximizing production output and maintaining low operation cost. The technological and economic performance of the entire enterprise largely depends on the quality of such equipment, as well as timely supply of spare parts and expandable materials needed for its seamless operation. It is very important to always seek ways to maximize production efficiency, and SOCOM SAS is ready to assist. Our cumulative experience allows us to ensure timely supply of latest solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers of crushing, grinding and processing equipment, as well as provide all the necessary spare parts for it to function at its full capacity.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of quality crushing, grinding and processing equipment, such as crushers, mills, screens, separators and hydrocyclones, as well as spare parts and expendable materials for them, you can send us an inquiry – a concerned manager from SOCOM SAS will be happy to get back to you to discuss the details.