Auto Machinery


SOCOM SAS specialists have a broad expertise in heavy-duty auto machinery and its spare parts. We supply our clients with buses, various quarry and special purpose machinery, as well as spare parts for excavators, bulldozers and other quarry and construction vehicles.

Understanding that quality is crucial, we supply vehicles and related machinery of only the best grade. We realize very well that high quality is directly related to efficiency of operations, cost, and most importantly – safety. With SOCOM SAS, clients can find whatever they may require for their day-to-day operations for competitive rates and highest quality.

The gained trust of our clients is important for SOCOM SAS. We always do our best to deliver only highest quality of products within the required timeframes.

If you are looking for a quality auto machinery to be delivered to your quarry or plant, write us a message – specialists at SOCOM SAS will get in touch with you to discuss details and help you with your purchase.