About Us


Societe Commerciale Des Mines SAS (SOCOM SAS) is a reliable supplier of various types of equipment and materials for a broad range of industrial sectors.

SOCOM SAS specializes in supply of various rolled metal products, such as pipes, channels, angles, beams and metal sheets. We work only with products of highest quality, made for a variety of purposes.

We also supply a wide range of industrial equipment and machinery, such as quarry and construction machinery, high and low voltage equipment, grinding, processing and transport equipment, as well as all the spare parts and components required for its successful operation.

SOCOM SAS carries out its activities worldwide, as per specifications and requirements received from our clients. The accumulated experience in logistics allows us to fulfill our obligations quickly and efficiently, building long-time partnerships and minimize downtime risk. Working with SOCOM SAS gives our clients a competitive advantage, as we can guarantee timely delivery of equipment, its installation and maintenance service, provision of spare parts and components, as well as fulfillment of warranty obligations by the manufacturer.

The numerous advantages of working with SOCOM SAS allow us to maintain our leading position in supply of various heavy-duty machinery and equipment, its spare parts, components and expendables.


Steel Report

According to the World Steel Association, global crude steel production in June 2021 was 167.9 Mt, up 11.6% from June 2020. The South American region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela) shows a significant increase in production over the same period – 51.3%. It is worth noting the steel production growth in the African region (Egypt, Libya, South Africa), the North American region (Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, USA) – 46.9% and 45.2%, respectively.

The positive dynamics of global steel production growth can also be observed by examining the period January-June 2021, over which the countries produced 1,003.9 million tons of steel, which is 14.4% more compared to the same period in 2020.

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