Rolled Metal


SOCOM SAS supplies various high-quality rolled metal products used in various industries. Such products, as pipes, channels, angles, beams, as well as metal sheets of various sizes, can be ordered from us in any volumes.

Many industrial enterprises heavily rely on both timely delivery and quality of various rolled metal products. It is actively used in construction, oil & gas, mechanical engineering, and many other industrial sectors. Metal pipes are necessary for the installation of various support systems, as well as for connecting different equipment and carrying out precious substances, such as oil and gas. An important element of any pipeline system is a variety of pipes and valves, each having its own purpose in the bigger system. Quality of every part in this system is crucial, that’s why having a reliable supplier can be a decisive factor in many cases.

In addition to quality, the volume of rolled metal products required to ensure uninterrupted operations can also be crucial. SOCOM SAS specialists are ready to provide regular and timely deliveries of various rolled metal products of large volumes, saving time and money of our clients. We work only with the best manufacturers, supplying rolled metal products of the highest quality.

In case you are looking for a reliable supplier of any rolled metal products, for example – pipes, channels, beams, angles or metal sheets, you can send us an inquiry – a concerned manager from SOCOM SAS will be happy to get back to you to discuss the details of your order.